TN Congress Charitable Trust members appointed by Sonia: Gurumurthy

Editor of Tamil magazine Thuglak and chartered accountant S. Gurumurthy, who has alleged a scam in the Tamil Nadu Congress Charitable Trust (TNCCT), said on Saturday that its trustees are appointed by Congress chief Sonia Gandhi.

Earlier, Gurumurthy had alleged a scam similar to the National Herald was brewing in the Tamil Nadu Congress that owns properties worth Rs 20,000 crore.

“National Herald Scam II brewing. Tamil Nadu Congress Committee trust has properties worth 20K crore. Annual income in crores. Kanishk Singh, Rahul Gandhi’s right-hand man, has taken over the trust documents and accounts. What are trustees like GK Vasan and Jayanthi Natarajan doing?” Gurumurthy tweeted on Friday.

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