Chennai hosted the prestigious SIP International Prodigy 2019 contest

  • New experiment called ‘SIP Abacus Concentration Round’ is the highlight of the day
  • 4000 kids from various countries battled for the title

Chennai, 24th November 2019: SIP Academy India organised SIP International Prodigy 2019 –19th International SIP Abacus and Mental Arithmetic Competition in Chennai today. Mr. Jayaprakash J, Outstanding Scientist /Project Director, GSLV MK-III Project & Mission Director, GSLV MKII-M1/Chandrayaan-2 Mission, Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre / ISRO and Ms. R. Archana, Managing Director, San Academy Group of Schools, graced the Occasion with their presence.

This mega event brought together around 4000 kids from India, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Tanzania, UAE, Bahrain, Hongkong and Srilanka at Chennai Trade Centre in Nandambakkam, Chennai. The competition was conducted in two batches and the children attempted to solve 200 mathematical problems in 5 minutes. Over 5000 parents were present to witness this massive contest.

An innovative SIP Abacus concentration round had taken place which is purely an experiment, aimed at evaluating the concentration levels of the kids. Loud music was played when the kids were attempting to solve as many math sums as possible within the given time period. It was amazing to witness the kids as some were desperately concentrating, some were grooving to the rhythm, & some were even dancing while solving sums, but it was a surprise that the sums solving ratio with and without music was almost same.

Speaking about the colossal event Mr. Dinesh Victor, Managing Director, SIP Academy India said that, “We are happy to see the growth of the response for this competition every year. Abacus is not just a math program. It develops skills like Concentration, Visual Memory, Numerical Ability, Listening Skills and thereby gives immense confidence among the children. Also, we would like to appreciate the enthusiasm and zeal of each and every kid who had come down to Chennai to participate in this competition.

“During the competition, we conducted the SIP Abacus Concentration Round for the children gathered here in Chennai. In this round, kids were asked to solve math sums amidst loud disturbing music. Kids were able to solve up to 125 sums in 3 minutes without getting distracted. This round is a testament for the fact that the SIP Abacus helps kids improve their concentration level, which will help them in their overall development” he added.

This event has earlier featured 5 times in the LIMCA book of records for the size and pattern of the competition.

About SIP Academy India Pvt Ltd:

SIP Academy India runs world-class skill development programmes since 2003, making a significant impact on the mental potential of children.

The company has its headquarters in Chennai and has a presence in 24 states, 300+ cities, 900+ Centers, 350+ Schools and have successfully trained more than 7,60,000 children in the country and, is well on the way to creating child prodigies with razor sharp intellects.SIP Academy India is successfully running various world-class programmes. At SIP India, we understand that each kid is unique with her/his potential to be a winner. SIP’s belief has always been to develop programmes ‘Keeping the Child in Mind’ and hence, follow the fun learning methodology. This fun learning methodology ensures the objective of making the child achieve excellence not only in academics, but also in other walks of life. This is achieved by the active involvement of Parent, Teacher and the Child to ensure best results.

SIP Academy India is an ISO 9001:2015 certified organization and proudly holds 5 LIMCA Book of Records.

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