There are many ways to see ”Joker”: Director Todd Phillips

“Joker” director Todd Phillips says there are many ways to interpret the movie, adding that the audience will not walk away from the theatres with all the answers.

“Well, unreliable narrator is almost not even big enough, because he”s an unreliable narrator and he”s Joker. You have an intense amount of freedom with an unreliable narrator, and you have even more freedom when he”s Joker,” Phillips said while talking about the beauty of having an unreliable narrator as a protagonist.

“He says in the comic book Batman: The Killing Joke, ”If I”m going to have a past, I prefer it to be multiple choice”. So, it just depends on the lens through which you watch the movie as to what you think really happened, what you think he is at the end — is he even Joker? There are many ways to see it and what I think is interesting about the movie is that you don”t walk away having all the answers. Different people I”ve shown it to have different theories about what may or may not have happened,” he added.

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