Nerkonda Paarvai- Movie Review

For long stretches of this remake of “Pink” – a film that in many ways redefined the space and position of women in cinema and society – all I could hear was fans of Ajith expressing their delight. Each time he came on screen they screamed. It was like a secret deal between the star and his fans. I come, you scream. No one in the audience cared about the issues of single women and their vulnerability in the city.

The makers of this remake too seem to think of “Pink” as predominantly a solid opportunity to play up Ajith”s vast stardom. The role of the disoriented lawyer, who fights for the three single girls in the court against powerful predators, was originally played by Amitabh Bachchan. For all his stardom, he stayed in character and never strayed into showing off his star status.

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