Jersey- Movie Review

Director: Gowtam Tinnanuri;

Cast: Nani and Shraddha Srinath;

“Jersey” opens with a bearded 40-ish Nani running after a girl at a bookshop with a copy of a book that she wasn’t able to get.

“Are you stalking us?” the girl’s friend asks, not unreasonably.

The opening scene, filled with an overdose of what the mush lovers call the cutesies, sums up the film that is neither great nor small, neither short, nor tall. It just about serves the purpose of providing its superstar hero Nani a platform to display his range on the subtle side of the street.

And Nani, like Naga Chaitanya in the Tamil film “Majili” a week ago, is not afraid to play a loser. He plays Arjun, a man meant to be a national-level cricketer who ends up being a failure as a professional and a husband, but is determined to be a success as a father.

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