El Camino- Movie Review

First off, it isn’t clear why we needed this unscheduled epilogue in a feature-film form for “Breaking Bad”, one of the most successful television serials of all time and a rival in popularity to “Game Of Thrones”.

Director Vince Gillian and his writers, in all their collective wisdom, have gathered together for this final hurrah, a send-off with the borders between ruination and redemption so blurred one feels one is gazing down at a bottomless pit of despair with no hope of ever lunging at the light beyond.

“El Camino” is a very dark film and I do mean that literally. It is shot mostly in places where light cannot penetrate and that’s not just the protagonist Jesse’s soul. Pitch dark, brutally unforgiving of its protagonist’s past misdemeanors, this film is a homage to all the heroes from Quentin Tarantino’s cinema who have suffered the incendiary fires of hell just because their director likes morbidity.

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