Tyagaraja’s Dancing Ganesa #PillaiyarChaturthi

Now that the worship is done and the kozhukattais have been eaten, it is time for some song. Yes of course, Siddhi VinAyakam in chAmaram and attributed to Muthuswami Dikshitar is the first one that comes to mind. Yes it is a lovely piece, full of the most beautiful words but it is not in the Sangita Sampradaya Pradarsini (so what? Lots of other lovely Dikshitar kritis aren’t and can you say vadAnyEswaram or shrI rangapura vihAra were not composed by him? No I cannot. But then this has a fatal flaw in the caraNam – since when did bhAdrapada rhyme with adrirAja? If it is bhA should it not be A and not a? Anyway let me not split hairs on this day of days.

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