We are going to turn some pages of books based on freedom

We are going to turn some pages of books based on freedom: here is a glimpse of outstanding books based on freedom you must give a try.
We all have many options of gaining knowledge , entertainment, gossips etc from various sources however, book is one of that gem which will always be cherished till the end of the time. Today in this article we will be discussing about two such books which is going to make you eager to read them and make you more enthusiast about freedom.
Freedom books : short reviews.
1. A state of freedom by neel mukherjee: mukherjee’s book reminds us of our orthodox views and refreshes our mind with his views on the significance of living one’s life to the fullest, irrespective of one’s financial or social standings. The author’s sense of connectivity exposes the insight about how the indian society should function in general along with the brutality, violence, class cultures differences are being exposed as well.
2. Destiny , freedom and the soul by osho: this book here discusses about the crucial issues in a persons life. Osho portrays that a part f our lives is nothing but destiny, freedom and the soul. This book is brilliantly penned and delivered to soul in a qualitative manner, it discusses the vital questions and solutions to liberate our mind and thoughts from restrictions and prejudice. Osho educates us to do what our nature wants us to do. We should not listen to the scriptures but listen to our own heart. That is the only scripture osho prescribes.
Books holds a special place in our hearts and giving our valuable time to such beautifully written books makes it worth reading and spending on.