Social Media vs Reality

Nowadays social media and social networking websites are very popular among teenagers as well as among adults. In research, it has found that many people spend most of their time on social networking sites. But the question is are they showing their reality on social media, are they being real over there as they are in their real life. Well, the answer will definitely be NO.

Social media affects a person’s self-perception and mental health. They just pretend to be what they are not in their real lives. People on social media pretend to be very happy, enjoying their lives, posting their happy moments’ pictures on social media with different hashtags but in reality, they are going through deep pains, trauma, depression which they don’t tell anyone. This is the true fact and reality of the people around the world. They can edit the pictures but they cannot edit the pain and emotions they are going through.

In our childhood days, toys were the luxurious gifts which we used to get from our parents but now everything has been changed. Now the children are happier when they have an android phone that too with the latest version in their hand and from childhood they are getting addicted to these social media platforms and growing in reel faces instead of being real. Today’s generation of kids will understand the value of playgrounds and parks. Their life lies on these snappy chatter applications. By seeing these new generations, we are happy that we have enjoyed and rejoiced in the good happenings among our friends.