Reforming Our Education System

Studies are the most boring aspect of student’s lives. Learning instead of become fun, is being considered the most mundane and avoidable activity, thanks to propagators of an educational system that is more information oriented than knowledge oriented. Too much of syllabus, too many students per teacher, lack of enough hands of exercises, teaching as a routine with the aim of completing the syllabus in time rather than with a goal of imparting knowledge, the curriculum more often than not designed keeping in view the most intelligent student rather than average students, are some of the problems in our education system. Young minds are feeling so pressurized because of the peer pressure of extremely competitive environment, as well as huge expectations of parents from children to perform best in academics.
There should be some changes introduced to syllabus as instead of asking young minds mug up the years of events, concentration should be more that make child feel proud of his heritage. Also, subjects like Physics and Chemistry should be more entertained at laboratories than in classrooms, more via experiments and lesser in theories. Schools should arrange regular trips to historical and botanical places, so that students can learn with excitement and seek interest in studies.
Extra curriculum activities should be considered as equally important as academics. Students should have their wings free to fly and choose their passions and spend time in performing activities like playing musical instruments, making their own bands, different forms of dancing and sports like basketball, swimming, chess, or speeches or debates and many more.
We should add much more efforts to make the wonder of childhood last and get carry forward into adulthood instead to growing up with pressure and burden to score more and questioning self worth with marks.