Negative Impact Of Advertisement

There is no doubt that advertising is the key to commercial and industrial prosperity. It is a vital link between the producer and the consumer. But it has many negative aspects. Most of the advertisements make tall and false claims. Thus, they mislead and deceive the public. It is not difficult to find out such advertisements. First of all, there are advertisements about beauty. enhancing products and health-promoting products. A particular cream is advertised with the claim
that it will make you fair in seven days. A particular shampoo is advertised with the claim that it will permanently solve your dandruff problem in days. Then there are ads about so-called harmless herbal medicines, pills, ointments, oils, etc. which claim you permanent cures of such deadly and chronic diseases as diabetes, piles, arthritis, gout and even cancer. Various brands of soaps are promoted by beautiful actresses. The consumers buy and use them to become like those film stars. Then there are ads about tobacco products and whisky in various garbs. A particular brand of whisky is advertised in the name of soda or mineral water. Then there is a plethora of ads which allure children. Children who are too impressionistic, force their parents to buy useless and even harmful things like chocolates, candies, cakes, burgers, pizzas, french-fries, so on and so forth. Some Ads are essentially vulgar. The advertisers are never bothered about the impact of what they do or claim on the public. They are primarily deceivers. Moreover, they pollute the language they use in ad copies. Harman work rightly points out It is sad but true that the advertiser cheats the customer with attractive lies. Thus he commits a crime for which he is paid well. There should be a regulator to check the claims made by the advertisers of commercial products. There should be a provision for harsh sentence and fine in case the claims of an ad are proved to be false. The consumer forums should be pro-active rather than post-active.