Effects of video game

These days as we all know that video-games has huge fan base because of there graphics and motion sensor. Most video games are not violent or racy. In a recent survey it has been seen that survey from progress and freedom, a free market think tank found the more than 80% of the top selling tiles for the past few years came with the video game industry’s rating from teens or everyone, clearly shows that parents can assume reasonably inoffensive game content and unaware of it’s bad consequences. About 15% of 2005’s games received Mature and Adults only ratings surprisingly few, given that 65% of gamers are 18 to 34 years old.
Rating can not only provide the informative featuring, or about the popularity or dislike of that game but also give reality check to everyone and let others know each perspective and outcomes of it. A T-rated game for instance might influence people towards Violence, strong language and warn blood and gore. The content reports are accurate at least in my experience of two young video playing boys and with many titles selling for $50 or $60 a pop how many children can get a addicted of games without mom’s or dad’s consent in the first place.
For example, even if your 13years old is spending a lot of time offing enemies thrown at him there’s no hard evidence that he’ll want to try homicide in real life . the most comprehensive study yet on social effects of such kill or be killed games, conducted by researchers at the University of Illinois and the University of Michigan, found that prolonged playing of Asheron Call 2- a gory online multiplayers fantasy – did not make study participants more belligerent. But people should be aware of all the negative effects and gets indulged into physical activities.