Can school bags be made lighter

A recent news repot said school children can now look forward to lighter school bags with the setting up a 12 members committee for implementation of Yash Paul repot (1993) on curriculum load . is this good news for children
More than the physical weight of the student bags , education are worries by. The re ort had found that a lot is thought but little is learnt of understood , thesis because the curriculum is heavy the syllabus wide and text bools packed with the facts and generally written in convoluted adult language hampers communications.
Middle school geography for instance cover the world continents in such great detail lamed minerals and natural resources , Climate vegetarian trade physical features etc. that specialties would take after a year to comfortably study perhaps just one third of the course. But school children must study all this at a breathless pace in just a couple of periods.
Recent studies have indicates that the brain beat develop in an interesting environment not when bored but children today spend ten to eleven hours studding and have little time for anything else .Report had called for the change in our approach to education and redefining the aim , This means according importance to understanding devaluing the importance of masks . If this not made the priority and focus for education no committee will be reduce the school . The first is in this directions would be to review the existing textbooks and see how’s they can reader friendly and concept based.