Goa Chief Minister Sawant to write a letter to Bombay HC to include Konkani

The  government will write to the  to seek to list the Konkani language, in addition to English, as the official language to conduct court proceedings, Chief Minister  said on Friday.

In his address at the 8th International Hindi Conference held here, Sawant also said that promoting Hindi will not only make India even more united in its diversity, but also aid the country to emerge as Akhand Bharat.

Underlining the importance of the Hindi language as far as the unity of the country is concerned, Sawant said: “We are united in diversity and Akhanda Bharat which we have been dreaming about, I will say that when we are speaking about Akhand Bharat.

“I will also say, ‘Jaya hue balidan Mukherjee voh Kashmir hamara hai’ and the dream has been made real by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. To maintain this unity it is important to promote Hindi,” he added.

The Chief Minister also said that  is a multilingual state, where different languages are used for different tasks.

“Goa is known for four languages. We speak in Konkani, we prefer to read Marathi newspapers, we prefer to watch films in Hindi and while writing, we prefer to use English. This is a state which is always known for four languages,” the Chief Minister said.