Durga Puja marquee decorated with 4,000 kg turmeric

In a first-of-its-kind, a Durga Puja marquee here was decorated with 4,000 kg of turmeric or ‘haldi’.

Santoshpur Lake Pally Committee, in collaboration with a leading spice manufacturer, has directed its creative efforts in presenting a novel concept and unique design sensibilities to the Pandal’s decor.

Turmeric (haldi in Hindi and holud in Bengali) is considered to be very pure and auspicious.

“Our endeavour is to pay homage and seek Goddess Annapurna’s (Goddess of food and nourishment) blessings to provide food for all. The entire Pandal is decorated with haldi. This year, we decided to astonish devotees with a bigger and better design that will illustrate the story of the Goddess,” said Somnath Das, Secretary of Santoshpur Lake Pally Committee.

“We are trying to spread the health benefits of turmeric due to its medicinal value, hence used lakhs of whole turmeric in the decoration,” he said.

“As Maa Durga is the symbol of ‘shakti’ destroying the evil in the society, in the same way haldi kills bacteria and other germs,” Das said.

“I simply loved the concept of using haldi and reminding us of Maa Annapurna,” Joyita Das, a pandal visitor said.

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