Women Empowerment

India is a very famous country which is called for its traditions, cultural heritage, religion, civilization, and geographical features from the ancient times of India.
On the other hand, India is also called popular as a conservative male nation.
Women are an called as the essential priority in Indian nation, although, on the other hand, they are not at all treated well in society and family too.
They were treated only to the household tasks or considered the responsibility of the household and family members, they were kept entirely not recognized of their rights and their own development.
The people of India recognized this country “Bharat-Mata” but never understood its correct meaning. Bharat-Mata means the mother of every Indian, whom we have to maintain and save.
Women constitute half of the power of the country, so women’s empowerment is also important to make this country a mighty nation.
It is important to empowering women to understand their rights to be independent in any field for their proper development and development of the nation.
Women gives birth to the children; they mean the future of their nation. Therefore, they can participate better and best in making a bright future for their country through the proper development and the development of their children.
Women need to be empowered than falling prey to the male rudeness.
According to the World Bank: Empowerment is the process of making enhancing the abilities of the individuals or groups to create alternatives and move those options into desired proper actions and outcomes.
Gender inequality is first social issue in some of the countries with women than to the male-dominated country.
Women’s empowerment need to have a higher pace to equalize the value of both genders in this country. In every way, the upliftment of the women must be the top most priority of the nation.
Inequalities between men and women in society makes more problems, which become a significant obstacle in the way to success of the nation.
It is the birthright of women to provide equal value to men in society. To truly bring about empowerment, every woman must be aware of their rights from their end.
They only need to take positive steps and be involved in all the activity than engaging in household chores and family responsibilities. Women must know about all the happenings around them and in their country.