What is Healthy relationship?

What is a healthy relationship?

If I talk about relationship which I’d healthy it must include trust, loyalty, communication, understanding with a lot of effort and compromises a relationship is completed and it is said to be healthy.

Communication is critical.

Communication is the key for a good relationship. If you know how to have communication with your partner it will always help you to maintain good relationship with your partner as you can share a lot of thought and understand each other.

Arguing in a constructive way can be helpful.

Yes, arguing is a construction for a good relationship as you can learn a lot about how is other’s point of view and it always gives a topic new and important aspect to solve by which you can solve a lot issues . By arguing on a certain topic you can have strong bond which is good for relationship.

Intimacy can be an important factor.

Yes, it is important that if you are in relationship with someone you should have emotional, social, mental as well as physical connection with your partner.

Make time for your relationship.

Time is one of the most important things in a relationship as if you don’t give time relationship starts fading and relationships doesn’t stay healthy anymore.

Maintaining individuality is important, too.

If you are in relationship make sure you have your own point of views towards life. No one is always correct or wrong so try to make sure that you make your partner understand what is right and wrong

Small things can make a big impact

Take care of small things. Like how is your partner foods and his or her expectations as they are very important and a person should know that they have to take care of it.