The glory of skin lies in the way you treat your skin with

The glory of skin lies in the way you treat your skin with: here are 7 tips that can help you rejuvenate your skin look younger tha it actually is.

With many products launched in market promising great skin and health, there are certain things which needs to be taken care of. We all face skin issues at a certain point of life, well this can get worse over time if proper care is not taken. Prevention is better than cure, we all must have heard it but we shall abide by it too.
1. Eat colourful food: food with natural colour are rich in antioxidants . Try to include beetroot, bell pepper, broccoli, carrots in your diet.
2.Use antioxidant serum: VITAMIN AC is the most powerful antioxidants but there are others too like resveratrol, zinc PCA, odobenine, etc.
3. Sunscreen even when indoors :
Sunscreens should be reapplied every 2 hours , spf 30 should be avoided as it is not that effective spf 50 is preferable.
4. Retinol and peptide serum: nigh is the time repair skin and bot collagen. Start using a retinol serum after the age of 25 years of utmost benefits.
5. Be consistent with skin care. This is very essential as skin care is a marathon not a sprint. Do not expect overnight results , be regular and you will see results.
6. Regular exercise: Exercise helps in alleviating stress and anxiety both of which can contribute to ageing. Even 20-30 minutes of physical activity helps in improving over all health.
7. Cut down sugar, salt and alcohol: we know the ill effect of sugar but excess salt consumption is often ignored. Try to keep your salt intake in check too . Excess alcohol consumption causes increase in inflammatory mediators in the body which may accelerate ageing.