Role of women in the progress of the nation

With the later time, the women of the modern era are independent by reading and writing. He is vigilant about his rights and has traditions of his own rules. Now he comes out of the boundary wall and does important work for the country. In our nation, women make up about half of the population. For this reason, the goal of nation building can be achieved only by including the role and contribution of women in the great work of development of the nation, fully and in the right scenes.

There are plenty of such ladies in India as well who overcame internal fears about social change and women’s respect. One such example is Atiya Sabri of Saharanpur. The first Muslim lady to speak out against triple talaq is Atiya.
There were unsuccessful attempts to stop any step of Varsha Jwelgekar fighting for justice against acid, but she did not give up the fight for justice. In our nation, there are several instances of this kind of empowerment for women.

Today efforts are being made in the country by speaking about women power from all angles. It is also getting its result. The nation’s ladies are now more informed. Today’s woman has changed that thinking that she can handle the responsibility of home and family better.

Today’s women are making significant contribution in the biggest work area by joining shoulder to shoulder with men. Then whether it is to get the work done or to go into space.