Real meaning of beauty

What is the real meaning of beauty?

Being beautiful doesn’t mean only from the outside, but the real beauty is what we are from the inside. Some people judge others on the basis of their color, appearance, and this shows how dark they are from the inside. Beauty doesn’t mean how good-looking you are instead of that real beauty is how you look at others and respect them.

In this modern times, it is a bitter truth that people discriminate between fair and black. At many points, we can see that the people are separated because of their dark skin tone but they have enough ability.

But I believe that the color complexion and appearance are just for a few days. One day everything is going to vanish but our inner beauty, which will not be separated from our soul, will remain forever with us. We will fade away but the impression we leave will never be faded away because a good character doesn’t need any beautiful gesture. So, instead of concentrating to show how beautiful we are on the outward appearance, we should focus on our inner self.

As we all know the quote “Judge no one and be kind to everyone” treat everyone in the same way you want to be treated. People should improve their conscience. As it is always said beauty is not in the face; beauty is a light in the heart. And if you are good from the inside automatically you will look beautiful from the outside because beauty has nothing to do with looks, it’s only how you are as a person from inside. Remember real beauty lies within one self!