Fresh Kiwi Juice

This fresh kiwi juice recipe is very healthy. It is a little tangier, salty, sweet, the perfect juice to surprise others. The nuts in this fresh juice add great texture to the juice and kids will love the texture as it cools.

After a tiring summer vacation, everyone in your family stood in line in front of the refrigerator to bring back the lost energy.

Fresh fruit juices are the best way to overcome the dehydration level in our body. Fresh fruit juices with little garnish will excite even the fussiest kids. Trying different fruit juices like beautiful pink watermelon juice or bright yellow delicious pineapple juice can make life more interesting.

According to Wikipedia, fresh kiwi fruit is a good source of vitamin C, vitamin K, vitamin E, and dietary fiber. So, make sure you have fruited every day.

The skin of kiwi fruit is a little dull, so rinse the fruit before cutting. Use spoons to remove the fruit from its skin, which is an easy and quick way to remove the skin of the fruit. I like to have small seeds in the juice. But if you want the pulp to be free, strain the juice before serving.

How to make fresh kiwi juice:

1. Rinse and clean the kiwi fruit. Cut them horizontally. Remove the pulp with a sharp-edged spoon.

2. In a blender, add the extracted kiwi pulp and about a cup of sugar (or as desired), a pinch of salt, and water. Run the blender for a few seconds until it forms a soft paste and visible nuts. The seeds add great texture to the juice and the kids will love the texture as it cools.

3. Transfer to serving glasses by tapping with ice cubes.

Tips and Variations:

Place the kiwi pulp in an ice cube tray and place the frozen cubes on top of the juice and serve.