‘Efficacy of yoga, ginger, turmeric for astronauts needs to be studied’

India’s human space flight programme will be a sustained activity and will not end just with Gaganyaan mission – the country’s first human space mission, said senior officials of the Indian Space Research Organisation.

The officials also said apart from innovative engineering and technological solutions for a sustained human space programme, the efficacy of yoga on astronauts’ health and the protective capabilities of wonder spices ginger and turmeric will have to be explored further.

Looking beyond Gaganyaan, the Indian space agency is looking at setting up crew training facilities, inflatable space habitat, rendezvous and docking, space station building, long duration manned space travel, telerobotics, artificial intelligence and spin-offs to the society, S. Unnikrishnan Nair, Director, Human Space Flight Centre, part of ISRO said on Thursday.

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