Delicious Indian Style Chinese Chicken- Recipe

Anyone who loves chicken cannot hide or deny their love for chilli chicken recipe. It is widely popular among all non-vegetarians irrespective of age and regions.

Chilli chicken can be either prepared as a dry one or a semi gravy recipe. Chicken pieces are marinated with spices and later cooked with capsicums, chilies and onions. The juicy chicken in spices with the crunchy vegetables lends a unique taste to the dish.

You can either prepare it spicier or little sweet according to your cravings and taste buds. They are perfect for chicken fried rice or Fenugreek & egg fried rice. They are kids friendly too. And, you can prepare chilli chicken bites when you have guests at your home as they are a great party pleaser. Prepare this chili chicken and serve warmly with fried rice.

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