Covid-19 pandemic and recovery

From the beginning, the aim and the objective on earth are the safety of humanity and the animal kingdom. During the 20th century, the main problems were war and famine, and many people died in this. But in the 21st century, a new pandemic comes up due to the COVID-19 virus. America, India, Italy, and the UK have been affected on a large scale during this coronavirus pandemic.

According to statistics, nearly 5 lakh people died in India. This is due to a lack of proper medical facilities and a shortage of oxygen. It was also very severe in America as it took many lives.

During this pandemic, the IT sector and social media played a vital role and saved many vital lives. New software technology developed and provided assistance to medical facilities, also helping in the supply of oxygen and transportation of essential commodities like food to common people.

During the pandemic, government offices remained closed and people started work at home and their jobs became secure. But unfortunately, many private jobs in the industrial sector like small and medium scale industries, hotel businesses, transport business lost their jobs due to the lockdown and shutdown of the state.

In the educational sector, schools and colleges remained closed. But the educational and online video conferencing apps helped continue the education for the students. IT sector provided many technologies which became helpful during these social distancing obligations and lockdowns.

Man cannot live without food, water, and medical facilities. No one was allowed to go out, and most of them were unable to help their relatives and friends. It was a disastrous move for the poor and general public, but the food and medicine delivery apps helped people a lot during these days.

It is a challenging era for humanity. After all the trouble we’ve been through, humanity survives and marches forward towards a hopeful future.