Noblemen- Movie Review

Seeing a film without knowing much about its subject matter and the way the plot is likely to go, can sometimes put the audience in an awfully uncomfortable situation. The discomfort of the familiar is what we get in this week’s two releases. “Article 15” takes us into a deep dive to witness the horrors of the caste system.

“Noblemen” takes us into another kind of grim and horrific reality. While campus bullying is an easily identifiable scourge of our social system, just how deep it runs is put forth by debutante director Vandana Kataria in a film that spares us none of the trauma and horror of a gentle, soft gay 15-year-old grappling with a school of homophobic bullies.

The performances, especially of the youngsters is delightfully unaffected. Ali Haji is seen in a splendid emotional swirl. Mohammad Ali Mir as the bully-in-chief brings a swelling swagger into his mean character. Hardik Thakkar’s cries of terror as the overweight target of ragging will freeze your heart.

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