Nithya Menen: Bad behavior isn’t restricted to film industry

Actress Nithya Menen has been working in films for over a decade now, and she saus she never felt “unsafe”. She adds that she has faced bad behaviour but that”s not limited to the film industry.

At the International Film Festival of India (IFFI), Goa, on Thursday, Nithya was asked about her film journey and to comment on the general impression that women in the film industry are not safe — especially aspiring actresses.

“You are as safe as you allow yourself to be. Nobody forces anything on you unless you make it happen. It has never happened to me that I felt unsafe. I have definitely seen bad behaviour and I have called them out. I have said ”Don”t you have respect? or ”Don”t do that”. Bad behaviour is everywhere, not just in the film industry,” said Nithya.

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