Nakkash- Movie Review

“Nakkash”, meaning engraver (one who designs on metal or wood), is a balanced faith film that does not preach any religion but opens your eyes as to where humanity is heading. The messages hit you straight, on target, when you hear, “Kaam aur mazhab ke beech kissi ek ko chun-na hai”, which literally means, you need to choose any one, between your profession and religion.

At another instance, we are told, do you select the grains you eat depending on who harvests the crops? So why this discrimination? The messages are subtle and flow naturally in this social drama based in Varanasi.

A Muslim, Allah Rakha Siddiqui (Inaamulhaq) is a widower with a young son. He hails from a family of talented engravers who live in Varanasi and like his ancestors, under the patronage of “Vedantiji” (Kumud Mishra) the head priest of a Hindu temple, he too works in temples, engraving the idols and the altar.

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