Mahaan Movie Review

I recently watched the MAHAAN movie. It is an action thriller movie directed by Karthik Subbaraj, and the lead actors are Vikram and Dhruv Vikram. Dhruv just nailed it with his acting. Vikram is a great actor, we have already known that but in this movie, he lived as the character of “Gandhi Mahaan.” Vikram and Dhruv’s cameo was outstanding. Also, Bobby Simha has done a great job. The background music score is swell, but the songs are not up to the expectations.

The movie tells the story of a simple school teacher who leads a boring life. He is frustrated with his life because he did anything that excites his life. When he turns 40, he decides to drink and be merry for a day, which makes his wife and son abandon him. After that, in depression, he starts to drink in his childhood friend’s bar and lives his life in that excitement. He soon partners with his friend in the liquor business. On the other end, his son became the police officer to bring down the business at any cost. It was a gangster and mafia-like movie. I never got bored while watching this movie.

Though it was a predictable story, you will be thrilled by the acting. The movie conveys the message of Great leader Mahatma Gandhi: “Freedom is not worth having if it does not include the freedom to make mistakes.” Everyone will make mistakes once in a lifetime. So, life is to forgive each other and give love to each other. Never get addicted to anything. The addiction will kill you slowly before you realize what has happened. In addition, do not live without any rules. Live your life with some principles. These are the thing I learned from this movie. Overall a decent film to watch, and I personally liked it. I would recommend this movie to everyone to be watching.