Line Of Descent- Movie Review

Another soggy mafia saga set in and around a Delhi business family, and one that compares very poorly with Kanu Behl’s “Titli” and Shanker Raman’s “Gurgaon”, “Line Of Descent” leaves a puzzling, bitter 0aftertaste.

It’s not such an awful film. It’s just so unnecessary it resembles a fifth or sixth generation copy of “The Godfather” with Prem Chopra–giggle–playing Brando while Ronit Roy, Neeraj Kabi, and Ali Haji play the three sons quite well. Abhay Deol, the well-meaning though ill-informed cop who busts the Sinha family’s a**. And Hollywood has-been Brendan Fraser (the big daddy from original “The Mummy” franchise) makes an entry midway as an arms dealer of indeterminate race and an even more uncertain function in a plot that wants to be savage, funny, poignant and relevant, and trips over its own overweening ambitions.

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