Hostel Daze- Movie Review

“Hostel Daze” makes its intention obvious with the title itself. It is a story about hostel life, soaked in a daze of nostalgia.

In sync with most products that TVF churns out, the five-episode limited series is irreverent in its brand of humour. Like most other TVF efforts, too, the show does not probe for a deeper context in the story it sets out to narrate. Rather, the focus remains on creating nonchalant, feel-good fun moments that range from outright hilarious to somewhat cliched.

Mainstream campus flicks set in engineering colleges follow certain character and plot routines. From “3 Idiots” to “Chhichhore” to “Hostel Daze”, the hero and his friends are invariably the campus underdogs – a happy-go-lucky bunch sworn to watching each others” back through thick and thin. An OTT show as “Hostel Daze” has an added advantage in this context, while setting up that sort of a bro-code with authenticity over films in the genre – it can afford to take liberties with sex talk, cuss use or mention of porn. Conservative audiences may baulk at the idea but seriously, what did you expect from a 16+ digital series about engineering college students!

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