Brad Pitt: Leonardo DiCaprio ”calls me Lover”

Hollywood actor Brad Pitt says he has a “lover” kind of bond with “Once Upon A Time In Hollywood” co-star Leonardo DiCaprio, and has immense respect for him.

Asked about his chemistry with DiCaprio, Pitt said: “Lover. He calls me Lover. It”s a bit confusing, but I roll with it. You”ll find, with most of the guys, I would say we”re all pretty much rooting for each other, we all have respect for each other, we all have a good laugh with each other. And it plays, and it”s pretty easy.”

“Once Upon A Time In Hollywood” is a fictional story of fading stardom told through aging star Rick Dalton (DiCaprio) and his stunt double Cliff Booth (Pitt). Quentin Tarantino has woven real life stories into the plot with the infamous Charles Manson murders, including late actress Sharon Tate, as a backdrop to make it more intriguing.

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