Always Be My Maybe- Movie Review

When was the last time I had so much fun watching a romcom? Can’t remember. But the sheer joy of flowing with this breezy fluid mellow-drama about childhood friends growing up into belligerent reluctant lovers, was an experience worth going through.

Some critics have commented on the light tone of the film. But light isn’t flippant. Simply because the film doesn’t address gay issues or a nuclear leakage doesn’t mean it can make no claims to being something serious. And when I say ‘serious’ I don’t mean a glum countenance gotten into the film just to look committed to something more than frothy entertainment.

Always Be My Maybe is proudly nakedly persistently frothy and entertaining. It tells the story of Sasha (Ali Wong) and Marcus (Randall Park) who are neighbours since childhood. Their kinship is undeniable from the word go. And that they would finally come together is not a spoiler. It’s a no brainer. The pleasure here lies not in the destination but the journey as the couple goes from being mean to one another to meaning something special to one another.

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