Venkataeswara Hospitals Opens India’s First “CENTRE OF EXCELLENCE FOR HYPERTENSION”

Designed for appropriate control, care and management of hypertension

Chennai, 27th September,2021: Hypertension (High Blood Pressure) is the 3rd most common cause of death & disability affecting approximately 20 crore people in India currently. Out of this 20 crore affected people, only 1/3rd of them are aware of this & 1/3rd of the people aware of it is only under control. It accounts for 57% of all deaths due to Stroke & 24% of all Coronary Artery Disease deaths. Hypertension is thus being labeled as a ‘Silent Killer’ which warrants regular screening in all asymptomatic adults for early detection & prevention of complications.


In spite of well-documented benefits in preventing morbidity & mortality with proper control of

blood pressure; implementation of adequate blood pressure control measures poses several challenges. Inadequate diagnosis & improper management are common even though Hypertension measurement & treatment is quite simple


Studies reveal Urban Men (37.4%) & Urban Women(30.2%) have a much higher propensity for

Hypertension as compared to Rural Men (26%) & Rural Women(25.4%). Despite of such a high prevelance; poor control of hypertension is attributable to POOR COMPLIANCE, INADEQUATE DOSAGE OF MEDICATIONS, ADVERSE EFFECTS OF CERTAIN MEDICATIONS, INADEQUATE FOLLOW-UP & LACK OF AWARENESS IN THE GENERAL POPULATION.


VenkataeswaraHospitals’sVH  ‘Hypertension Centre’ is a specialized centre,  with an integrated & comprehensive approach for the management of hypertension. Hypertension Centre consists of a team enriched with Specialists and Experienced Health Care Workers known for their high quality work in Research & Clinical Management with special interest in management of hypertension.


 It is a proud moment for Venkataeswara Hospital to inaugurate one of the very few centre’s around the globe & probably the first in the country “CENTRE OF EXCELLENCE IN HYPERTENSION”  is a specialized & a highly equipped Centre for the  management of all forms of hypertension with highly integrated, comprehensive & collaborative team approach, consisting of a team of Specialists & highly skilled health care workers working togetherwith a strong patient-centric approach.


Venkataeswara Hospitals, Chennai, is thus creating a model by establishing a specialized Hypertension Centre, designed for appropriate control & care and management of hypertension. The treatment for the same needs to be simple, contemporary & as per international standards of care. By inaugurating the specialized hypertension centre to be known as “Venkataeswara Hospitals Centre for Excellence In Hypertension”, an honest effort is being initiated to reduce the burden of this ‘Silent Killer’, known as “HYPERTENSION” from our country.