SIMS Hospital organizes an Awareness Rally in line with World Hypertension Day

Chennai, May 17th, 2022: SIMS Hospital, a leading multispecialty hospital in Chennai today organized an awareness rally on the occasion of “World Hypertension Day”, May 17th, Tuesday in Vadapalani, Chennai. The rally was organised in association with Glenmark Pharma to create consciousness on the importance of hypertension and its medical implications.  The rally was flagged off by Dr. K. Jayanthi, Senior Interventional Cardiologist along with Dr. Shilpa Menon, Consultant Cardiologist and Dr. Sangeetha, Medical Superintendent. This event witnessed participation from over 50 staff from the hospital.

Dr. K. Jayanthi, Senior Interventional Cardiologist, SIMS Hospital said that “The leading cause of death and disability worldwide is coronary artery disease. Blood pressure is by far the most significant risk variable for cardiovascular disease in the range seen in developed countries. Lowering blood pressure in the general population through lifestyle modifications such as limiting dietary salt intake and enhancing fruit and vegetable consumption will be extremely beneficial. Trials of blood pressure medications have also shown that they can help prevent heart failure. With this rally, the purpose is to foster a small initiative towards a healthy lifestyle.”

Measure Your Blood Pressure Accurately, Control It, Live Longer is the theme for 2022, focusing on improving global awareness, particularly in low- and middle-income countries, as well as precise blood pressure testing procedures. According to several reports, hypertension affects around 33% of urban Indians and 25% of rural Indians, among which only 67% are genuinely aware of the condition and the detrimental effects it can pose for them.

Today’s sporadic lifestyle and behavioral factors critically determine the level of blood pressure in individuals and the prevalence of hypertension among the masses. Hypertension is the utmost cause for numerous health problems such as heart attacks, kidney disease, and can lead to brain stroke. Many people who suffer from hypertension are not aware that they have it as there can be no symptoms, often people only find out after suffering a stroke.

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