Lotus International School, Pennadam fulfilling the aspirations of Students and Parents

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Lotus International School, Pennadam fulfilling the aspirations of Students and Parents


Pennadam, June 07, 2022: Education should prepare one to face the world and live a fulfilled life and not be just marks on a sheet of paper. At Lotus International School, Pennadam this philosophy guides each student to achieve their highest potential and develop them as responsible and empathetic citizens of a global community. The school follows an Integrated CBSE curriculum from Montessori to VIII classes. The school is situated amidst lush green fields which form a natural environment for students to thrive without pollution and distractions.


From Kindergarten, students are nurtured in a patient environment to develop their coherent, analytical, mathematical and logical skills. Teachers encourage students to enjoy learning and break the fear of exams through Project Based Learning, Cooperative and Experiential Learning through Group Discussions, Presentations, Seminars and Field Trips. The school has a special AV room where students can learn real time and experience subjects outside the confines of a textbook.

The backbone of the school is its teachers who guide their pupils with compassion and knowledge. The school’s teachers are highly qualified and experienced. Parents can be reassured that their precious children will gain the very best guidance and flourish in a multidisciplinary and wholesome environment. Teachers motivate students to gain academic excellence and also mentor them in moral and social values which will produce righteous people in the future. The school firmly believes in the holistic development of its young students through academic and spiritual learnings.


Lotus International school’s primary focus is to help rural children stand head and shoulder among their urban counterparts in all aspects of education. The school is geared to meet any challenge through government policies or system changes. They advise and mentor children to prepare for competitive exams and push them ahead of the curve.


At Lotus International School, Pennadam students are encouraged to diversify their interests other than academics through sports, language and other cultural clubs. This comprehensive development helps students accomplish difficult tasks and set records in international competitions like India Book of Records and Asia Book of Records. Students also appear for national and International Aptitude tests which help them broaden their outlook of the future. More details on website: http://lotusintlschool.com/


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