Mesmerizing Medha

September 24, 2015, Chennai

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Mesmerizing MedhaIt is often told that many people are great at communicating through their eyes, sure, Medha is one of those many, but, she can also do it with her lips.

The budding danseuse, one of the senior disciples of Acharya Choodamani Srimathi.Anitha Guha, recently performed at the Krishan Gana Sabha as part of the Season festivals. She began her performance with a mallari and took people on a trip through various stories like that of a woman pleading with Tanjapureeshwara to shower his compassion on her. She concluded her performance with a Thillana and the crowd couldn’t get enough of clapping hands through bits and pieces of her performance.Sweat doesn’t seem to display her tiredness, nor does continuous dancing slow her pace down. She continued to amuse people with all what she can show with her face, hands, legs, body, and every bit of her entire self. Her expressions and display of change in moods with her lips is one additional Brownie point that Medha deserves, truly.Medha, who had her  Arangetram in 2001, has presented many solo performances and was adjudged the best dancer in Kal Ke Kalakar in may 2009. She also won the Padma Bharati award in 2004.

Janani Karthikeyan