Banashankari Amma Temple
Banshankari Amma temple or simply, Banshankari temple is a popular religious destination for the Kannadigas and a few people from the neighbouring Maharashtra. It also goes by the name of Vanashankari since it is located in the Tilakaaranya forest in Cholachagudd near Badami in Bagalkote district. The temple deity is also called Shakhambari, an incarnation of Parvati. ...More
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Aadi Chevvai

Aadi Chevvai Aadi Chevvai, Tuesdays in the Tamil Month Aadi is considered highly auspicious for the worship of Goddess Shakti.... More

Aadi Krithigai

Aadi Krithigai Aadi Krithigai is a festival dedicated to Lord Muruga or Subrahmanya.... More

The devotee who blessed the Lord: Azhwaar

The devotee who blessed the Lord: Azhwaar In Thamizh, the word AzhwAr means “one who is deeply immersed” in devotion. However, the term was increasingly applied to selected devotees of Vishnu whose primary avocation in life was to serve the Lord. In the early centuries of the Common Era... More

Chidambaram Natarajar Temple

Chidambaram Natarajar Temple Dedicated to Lord Shiva, the temple has his famous dancing pose with one leg in the air and consisting of four arms.... More