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Aaru Vaara Vazhipadu @ Mangadu

Aaru Vaara Vazhipadu @ Mangadu

September 24, 2015

Aaru Vaara Vazhipadu @ Mangadu

Devotees can propitiate Goddess Kamakshi by visiting her temple consecutively for six weeks, this is called –Aaru vaara vazhipadu.

We should choose one particular day of the week and worship the Goddess on the same day for 6 consecutive weeks. Men and women who are in search of employment opportunities should choose Tuesdays to worship the deity. They should visit the temple on 6 consecutive Tuesdays and propitiate Kamakshi.

We should choose either Tuesdays or Fridays or Sundays to worship the Goddess. What is special about the three days? In many families girls do not find a suitable life partner and thus their wedding is delayed. Maidens visiting the temple should tie a yellow cloth with a turmeric piece to tree at the entrance of the temple. It is believed by following this ritual and praying to the Goddess, the girl is sure of finding a virtuous husband.

For those who are childless worshipping the Goddess on Fridays is helpful. There is a special ritual which is followed in the temple. The couple should tie a tiny cradle with a small baby idol in front of the sanctum sanctorum of the Goddess. This can be done on the first or last Friday. Thus praying to the Goddess on Fridays for 6 weeks is recommended for Progeny.

We have read about the particular days of the week that is recommended for a certain purpose. Let us glimpse at the method of worship.

On the chosen day of the first week the devotees should propitiate the Goddess with Thamboolam – Vettrilai pakku, coconut, fruits, flowers camphor and two lemons. After performing archana to the Goddess and praying fervently to Artha meru srichkara Aadhi Kamakshi, we should proceed to the sanctum sanctorum of Tapas Kamakshi and inform the priest about our prarathana and then he would give us a lemon which is precious.

This lemon should be placed in the pooja room of our house with piety. When we visit the temple the following week. We should by another fresh lemon in addition to the lemon in the pooja and offer it to the Goddess. Even this time the lemon obtained from the sanctum of tapas Kamakshi should be placed in the house for worship. The same procedure should be followed for six weeks without break. After completing six weeks of worship on the seventh week we should visit the temple on the same day like the previous weeks with Tamboolam and milk. But lemon should not be obtained from the priest.

A special neivedhyam –offering should be prepared at home. One or two liters of milk should be condensed and sugar candy honey, elaichi powder should be mixed in the milk to enhance its taste..After offering this to Kamakshi it should be distributed to every one irrespective of age. Since Kamakshi is fond of milk it is given to all the devotees. The Goddess showers her grace abundantly on her devotees. Is she not our Mother?

There is an interesting story about her fondness for milk. When Kamakshi was in deep penance in Mangadu with no one around only the cows were her food givers. The cowherds used to graze the cattle near the place where Kamakshi was meditating. The divine intervention is discernible at this juncture. At least one cow used to feed her milk every day. For many years this was her staple food. Thus she grew fond of milk and it is offered to appease her.

The temple is thronged with devotees on English and Tamil new years day .

Mangadu is a paradise on earth during Navarathri. It reaches a crescendo on Navarathri Fridays when women surge to have a holy communion with the goddess.

Mangadu is 20 kms from Chennai on the Chennai Bangalore high way near Poonamalle.

Temple timings - 5.30 am – 12.30pm
                                5pm- 9pm

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