Vivek's speech kicks up a storm, again

Actor VivekIf comedian Vivek's recent speech at the meeting held at Nadigar Sangam had irked the journalist fraternity, his speech has also managed to create waves from within the industry as well.  He has ruffled many a feather with his controversial speech which reportedly hasn't gone down well with the leading lights of Kollywood.

When the public reads in newspapers that a particular hero 'celebrates' the failure of his peer, they might believe it or have some apprehensions over it.  Vivek's speech, however, has confirmed that it indeed happens in Kollywood.  He has almost managed to score a destructive 'self-goal' for his team (of Nadigar Sangam), observers point out.

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Referring to this 'party' system prevalent in Kollywood, Vivek openly appealed to the concerned 'heroes' to stop doing so and said that one shouldn't celebrate another's failure in any field.  This has created animosity between the comedian and the concerned heroes, who already were complaining that Vivek was poking his nose a bit too much in sequences other than comedy portions in the film.

Now, they are said to be considering boycotting him in their upcoming films!

Oct 13, 2009