Anushka aims for position numer one

Anushka aims for position numer one

Till the year 2010, Anushka was number one in the Telugu film industry. She literally was calling all the shots Tollywood. Even if directors ask an actor for shooting schedule and if the movie has Anushka in it, they would ask the director to first get the schedule plan from Anushka and only if she is OK with that they will give the dates for the director. When she was at the peak she turned her attention towards Tamil cinema and came to Kollywood. Using this gap, Samantha and Tamanna grabbed her position.

Since her market is now dull in Kollywood, she has again turned her attention towards Tollywood. She is happy that her movie “Mirchi” is doing well in Tollywood. Since the Teluguversion of the AlexPandian is doing well, she is really happy. She is praying that unlike the movie’s flop in Tamil, she prays for a good success in the Telugu version.

Published On : Feb 14, 2013


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