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Mystery shrouds ‘suicide’ of actress Alphonsa’s lover

Mystery shrouds ‘suicide’ of actress Alphonsa’s lover

September 24, 2015

Actress Alphonsa, who has been away from the limelight for the past few years, finds herself in the news for all wrong reasons.  The actress, who did probably the most non-vulgar ‘item song’ ever in superstar Rajinikanth’s super-duper hit film Baadshah, is one of the few actresses in the ‘item girl’ category who possessed a slim frame besides getting their dance movements almost perfect.

Mystery shrouds ‘suicide’ of actress Alphonsa’s lover

Alphonsa had been ‘living together’ with her boyfriend Vinod Kumar for the past few years in an apartment in Virugambakkam, a Chennai suburb which is home to many leading actors and actresses in Kollywood.  Trouble erupted when Vinod reportedly committed ‘suicide’ at their residence a couple of days back.

Initial reports said that unable to bear her partner’s demise, Alphonsa took an overdose of sleeping pills and fell unconscious.  The actress was rushed to a leading private hospital but is still said to be in a ‘critical’ condition.  While the police are attempting to find out the reason for Vinid’s ‘suicide’, they are also probing the angle of whether or not the suicide was abetted by someone.

Meanwhile, Vinod’s relatives are crying foul.  They say that the actress not only abetted the suicide of Vinod but also had a hand in ‘plotting’ to kill him or force him to commit suicide.  “In order to evade arrest by the Police, she has purposely consumed sleeping pills to evoke sympathy so that the investigating team would put her out of their probing region,” said a relative of Vinod.

The investigations are on; keep watching this space for further updates!