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Ajith treats crew of Billa-2 to sumptuous Biryani

Ajith treats crew of Billa-2 to sumptuous Biryani

September 24, 2015

Ajith treats crew of Billa-2 to sumptuous BiryaniOf late, Ajith has developed the habit of treating the crew and technicians of the film he is woking in to sumptumous hand-made biryani.  The actor did so last year days before the shoot of Mankatha, his landmark 50th film, was wrapped up.  He has now done so and served hot, sumptuous biryani to the entire crew and technicians working with his latet film Billa-2 which is all set to release in a month or two.

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Going a step further, Ajith not only served the crew members the tasty biryani which he made with lots of care but also washed the dishes (including the plates used for serving biryani) he used for cooking the food.  Ajith proved his ‘cooking credentials’ for the first time when the shooting schedule Mankatha was about to be wrapped up last year.  His cooking was highly praised by the likes of Trisha and Arjun, his co-stars in the film.

Ajith’s latest avatar as a cook occurred a few days back when he got into cooking mode and cooked many non-vegetarian items including fish fry and chicken biryani and served them to the crew and technicians.  Those who took part in the special event relished the food items prepared and served by Ajith and took off soon after they completed eating.

Ajith, however, stayed back and washsed all the dishes he used to cook the foold and even washed the plates used.  The members of the crew, after coming to know of Ajith’s deeds, were simply dumb-founded.  Ajith sure does have his own ways of winning the hearts of his co-stars and technicians!