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Tabu wants to Sing

Tabu wants to Sing

September 24, 2015

Tabu wants to Sing.Besides her acting career, actress Tabu wants to be a singer. She wants to sing in one of her upcoming film which is going to have the Oscar hero to score the music. This was previously done by Priyanka Chopra. Actress is very much delighted in lending her voice with the music giant.

Tabu had approached the ace composer in the US during a recent trip and said that she is a trained Hindustani singer and that she wanted to sing a composition in Rahman’s music. To this, Rahman had asked her to send him a CD which had her sample song. He promised to get back to her if he liked her voice.

After returning to Mumbai, she indeed sent a demo CD to Rahman and he also happened to like her voice a lot. Hope Tabu gets a call from Oscar hero....