Prasanna and Sneha head to U.S. for honeymoon

Theirs has been one of the most-watched, most-loved and most-blessed star marriage in recent times in Kollywood.  Lovebirds Sneha and Preasnna, who entered into welock last month, have finally left for U.S. to celebrate their honeymoon, a mandatory period of enjoyment post-marriage.

Prasanna and Sneha head to U.S. for honeymoon

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Though the duo starred opposite each other in a solitary film Achamundu Achamundu and that too not in a typical romantic script, they fell in love with each other during the film’s making in the U.S. more than a couple of years back.  The script of the film, set in the backdrop of U.S., demanded the duo to share a residence during when the cupid apparently struck them.

Soon after the marriage was over, Sneha got back into acting to complete her prior commitments.  She plays Sarath Kumar’s heroine in an upcoming film titled Vidiyal.  She was busy with the making of the film and has finally completed the film’s shoot.  The doting husband Prasanna was patiently waiting for his newly-wed wife to be free of her professional commitments.

The duo had reached an ‘understanding’ as to what ought to be the destination for their honeymoon: it’s nothing but the U.S. where the met and fell in love with each other.  A few days back, without creating much publicity, the star-couple left Chennai for U.S. to celebrate their honeymoon.

Published On : Jun 19, 2012


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