What’s on director Bala’s mind?

What’s on director Bala’s mind?Trust Bala to say the unexpected. After establishing himself as a different, critically acclaimed, and yet someone with the ability to bring the crowds in, Bala now wants to go back to School!

Director Bala has now expressed his interest in working with ace director Mani Ratnam as an assistant. You may know that the duo form a mutual admiration society and are perfectionists in their own different dimensions.

Bala, who has won the national award is busy with the pre-release work of his next venture 'Paradesi'. Paradesi starring Atharva, Dhanshika and Vedhika is already making heads turn with its very Bala style first looks. Paradesi is set in the tea estate milieu and would show case the plight of workers with a good mix of emotions and humour.

Published On : Dec 10, 2012


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