Ananya’s fiancée sent out forcibly

Little did Anchaneyan would have visualized that he would receive the kind of response he ‘managed’ when he recently visited actress Ananya’s home in Kerala.  Industrialist Anchaneyan and Ananya (of Nadodigal and Engeyum Eppodhum fame) got engaged in a high-profile engagement ceremony held a couple of months back.

Ananya’s fiancée sent out forcibly

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Soon, it came to light that Anchaneyan had already been married once and had applied for divorce from his first wife.  He claimed that Ananya was aware of it and had agreed to marry him only after she was ‘briefed’ about this.  Ananya’s parents, however, didn’t like the arrangement and filed a case with the police seeking action against Anchaneyan for cheating them.

Ananya, who was intend in going ahead with the marriage against the wishes of her parents, announced a few days back that she had changed her mind about the marriage and informed the scribes that she wanted to concentrate on her acting career.  In the meantime, Anchaneyan visited Perumbavoor to talk to Ananya but was denied permission by her family members to meet or talk to her and was forcible sent out of the place.

Ananya has had a recent release in Masters and is said to be getting many Malayalam and Tamil film offers.  Commenting on her ‘suspended’ marriage, she says “I’m aware of that have been floating about my marriage.  I don’t want to say anything as it’s a purely personal matter.  For the time being, I’m concentrating in my career.  I don’t want to add anything more!”

Published On : Apr 03, 2012