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Shruti, the busy-bee

Shruti, the busy-bee

September 24, 2015

Shruti Hassan, the busy-bee

Shruti Haasan is shuttling between Chennai and Hyderabad like a busy-bee.  She is gearing up for her Tamil debut as heroine opposite Suriya in the film ‘7am Arivu’ directed by A.R. Murugadoss.  She also has a film each opposite top stars Siddharth and Junior NTR in Telugu and that’s the reason for her constant traveling across the two cities.

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Shruti feels that her debut venture has really shaped up very well under the able guidance of Murugadoss.  At this juncture, Shruti won’t reveal anything more except for the fact that she plays a scientist in her debut film (what was the last time a Tamil heroine played a sensible role?).

She concedes that she has become a great ‘admirer’ of Suriya after watching him perform from close quarters.  Most of her friends were in awe of her after hearing that she would be debuting opposite Suriya, she tells us and adds that it was a ‘great learning experience for her’ to work with Suriya as she could learn so many things and pick up the nuances of ‘acting’ from him.

The Telugu press was abuzz with reports that Shruti and Siddharth have become ‘too close’ and can’t stay from each other for even a moment.  When asked either to confirm or deny those report, Shruti presents her trademark laugh and says that ‘her personal life need not be a point of discussion at any forum’ and adds that she doesn’t feel the need to discuss about her private life with anyone.

Of course, we understand it!