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Madesh back with Mirattal shot abroad

Madesh back with Mirattal shot abroad

September 24, 2015

Madesh back with Mirattal shot abroadRemember Madesh, the director who made Vijay’s Madura and Vijaykanth’s Arasangam?  While the first film did average business, the second film nose-dived at the box-office, making Madesh almost jobless.  After some years in the hiatus, he is back with another big-budget film starring Vinay in the lead.  Madesh’s latest directorial venture has been titled Mirattal.

An exciting sequence was recently filmed in England.  As per the sequene, Deepika, the heroine, plays a student who studies at the University of East London.  While she is resting at her hostel room, some members of a gang enter the room.  Even as Malathy, Deepika’s friend, tries to call the polie for help, she is restrained from doing so by the gun-wielding men.

After spraying some chemical on their faces and making both the students unconscious, the gang abducts Deepika, put her in a waiting wan and head diretly to the Oxford Airbase nearby where Deepika is transferred to a waiting aircraft and taken away.  Maadesh shot these sequences in the campus of University of East London in London city and the areas surrounding Tower Bridge and Buckingham Palace.

Vinay plays the lead opposite Deepkia and has a host of actors for company in the form of Santhanam, Prabhu, Pandiarajan, ‘Ganja’ Karuppu, Pradeep Rawat, Mansoor Ali Khan, Bosky, Sharmila and Uma Padmanabhan.  Kannan handles the camera while Praveen Mani scores the music of the film.  The film is being made in a grand manner with all the ingredients that make up a hit film.