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Movie Review : 'Pattathu Yaanai'

Movie Review : 'Pattathu Yaanai' After kicking off the year with Samar, Vishal is here for the second time in 2013 with Pattathu Yaanai.... More

Singam 2: Review

Singam 2: Review An energetic tale the story begins with Duraisingam (suriya) who works as an NCC master in a school... More

Iron Man Three - Maybe third time isn't a charm..

Iron Man Three - Maybe third time isn't a charm.. As me and my friends exited the multiplex, we had nothing to say. One of my friends remarked 'The movie is filled with action sequences from start to finish'.... More

Set phasers to fun! Star Trek: Into Darkness

Set phasers to fun! Star Trek: Into Darkness As a Star Wars fan, it was difficult to imagine stepping foot into the 'Trekkie Universe', but I was glad I did.... More

Movie Review : 'Soodhu Kavvum'

Movie Review : 'Soodhu Kavvum' The promo, teaser and trailer made you aware that Soodhu Kavvum is going to be a different experience and it does not disappoint.... More

Movie Review : 'Udhayam – NH4''

Movie Review : 'Udhayam – NH4'' Director Vetrimaaran's another effort in Tamil movie industry is Udhayam NH4 but this time he had turned himself to production... More

Movie Review : 'Settai'

Movie Review : 'Settai' Settai released on April 5th 2013 is a remake of the 2011 Hindi film ‘Delhi Belly’... More

Movie review: 'Chennaiyil Oru naal'

Movie review: 'Chennaiyil Oru naal' Chennaiyil Oru naal movie is a remake of Malayalam movie Traffic... More

Movie Review : 'Vathikuchi'

Movie Review : 'Vathikuchi' Produced by A R Murugadoss, and directed by P Kinslin, "Vattikuchi" has ARM's brother Dileepan... More

Movie review : ' Paradesi '

Movie review : ' Paradesi ' Bala's movie is famous for terrifying villainy scenes in worst conditions... More

Movie Review : 'Mathil Mel Poonai '

Movie Review : 'Mathil Mel Poonai ' Directed by Bharani Jayapal and produced by Kannan for Peenics Creations "Mathil Mel Poonai" is a thriller entertainer with two difference stories... More

Movie Review : 'Onbadhula Guru'

Movie Review : 'Onbadhula Guru' A bunch of nostalgic youngsters yearning to live back their bachelor days is the essence of "Onbadhula Guru".... More

Movie Review : 'Sundattam'

Movie Review : 'Sundattam' "Sundattam" starring Irfan, Arundhati and Naren revolves around the indoor game Carrom. Irfan plays the character of Prabakaran who is an excellent Carrom player.... More

Movie Review : 'Lollu Dhadha Paraak Paraak'

Movie Review : 'Lollu Dhadha Paraak Paraak' Mansoor Ali Khan dons the role of hero cum villain in the flick “Lollu Dada Paraak Paraak” Mansoor Ali Khan is in finance business, lending money for interest... More

Movie Review : 'MAPOORAWSIV'

Movie Review : 'MAPOORAWSIV' I am still trying to get out the Arabic influence the movie has had over me the reason why I have written the name of the movie to be read from right to left.... More

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