Movie Review: Kacheri Aarambam

Jeeva, one of the talented actors of the present, delivers yet another commercial hit without bothering to worry about finesse. In the opening sequence, Jeeva lands up in the big, bad world of Chennai (haven’t we seen enough of them landing up?) and takes up the job of an assistant to Vadivelu, who run a shop in the Burma Bazaar locality.

Enters Poonam Bajwa, the heroine who accidentally saves Jeeva’s life from a ‘road accident’.  It’s love-at-first-sight for our hero, who decides to follow Poonam wherever she goes, not dissimilar to the way Madhavan chases Meera Jasmine in the film ‘Run’.  Poonam’s deadpan expressions convey that there could be more to her brooding silence.

Kacheri Aarambam

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Local don Sivamani (J.D. Chakravarty) had already fallen in love with Poonam and harasses her to fall in love with him.  When Jeeva gets to know the reason for her panic-stricken silence, he attempts a novel (!) way to the solution.  He joins Sivamani’s gang, wins his trust and then tries to tactically dismantle him from his position.  Once Jeeva’s hide-and-seek game comes out in the open, it’s a free-for-all between him and the terror gang, culminating into a bloody climax.

The initial sequences when Jeeva pens down his feelings and elopes from his house are enjoyable but the film drags as it moves into the second half.  It’s a fact that at places, the film has the look of ‘Tamizhpadam’, a full-time spoof on Tamil film which released recently.  But for Vadivelu whose character is named ‘Deepavali’ in the film, the viewers would have found it very hard sit through the entire length of the film.  Vadivelu and Jeeva’s comic portions have come off very well indeed.

Befriending the villain and then taking him on isn’t something we haven’t watched earlier in Tamil films.  As such, the film obviously drags in the second half.  After ‘Thenavattu’, this would be the second time Poonam gets to pair up opposite Jeeva.  She does have a flawless face but her charm vanishes as she is seen in a state of grief most of the time. 

Nisha Kothari a.k.a. Amoha, who debuted in Saran’s ‘Jay Jay’ opposite Madhavan a few years back, returns in a bold and new avatar.  The girl shines in a customary ‘item’ number with her generosity.

Chakravarty as the don has done what’s expected of him, although his character has been given too much of a ‘prelude’ to drive home the point that he’s a dreaded conman.  The way he repeatedly gets fooled by Jeeva’s cheap tricks doesn’t appear natural at all.  Ditto in the sequence when Jeeva, hit hard on the head by an iron rod, regains his consciousness within seconds to bash up the baddies: won’t someone care for logic?

Debutant director Thiraivannan proves aptly that he does have the ‘knack’ in him to make a pure commercial entertainer which won’t test anybody’s ‘thinking part’ of the brain.  Young heroes who aspire to make it big as action heroes could approach Thiraivannan and get a fair deal.  It’d help him if he concentrates in making his films a bit more meaningful.

Imman disappoints with his songs and background score except for the song ‘Vaada Vaada..’.  The particular song, shot at and in and around Agra in the backdrop of Taj Mahal, is an eye-catching one.

‘Kacheri Aarambam’ is a reasonably acceptable fare if you give logic the slip!

Mar 20, 2010

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